Winter is Coming, Get Green Photography

Winter is Coming, Get Green Photography

  • Nick Leyendecker
  • 07/28/20
In the words of Jon Snow, King of the North, "Winter is coming". Indeed winter comes every year to Minnesota and real estate just doesn't showcase as nicely in the winter/spring as it does when everything is in full bloom.

In the Twin Cities, demand for single-family homes begins the seasonal rise after January 1st. Housing inventory typically follows the seasonal increase in demand with a seasonal increase in new listings however new listings tend to lag behind demand in the early spring as many home sellers wait for things to green up before preparing their home and taking it to market (click here for supporting market data).
If you are considering listing a property next spring while things are still brown and muddy, or if you would like the option to do so, consider having us complete exterior photography, dusk photography, and drone video while your exterior can still be captured in it's best light with everything in bloom.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at (952) 222-7653, by email or by filling out the form below to discuss the prospect of scheduling photography for your property.

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